grow the fuck up

I'm so sick of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They are both acting like little bitches, not in the good way Tina Fey talks about bitches.

Do they want John McCain to be president? My boss is right Howard Dean has to get those two in a room and smack them around. And then he has to jump in the Prius pick up Al Gore from Starbucks (or the Apple store) and the two of them need to go find Ralph Nader, someone else can find his body at the bottom of the Potomac in a few months.

Speaking of things that have been annoying me, my iPod's battery life has been awful recently. So I'm using my blackberry to listen to music at the gym. I'm not sure this is the reason they got me one for work. Well Niel does need a backup iPod and something to blog with when he's not at home or work.

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foodiechickie said...

I love how you're reffering yourself in the third person again. You miss Dole don't you hon?