i totally forgot

I had a subject I was going to write about but I completly forgot it.

We were talking about winning the lottery and I claim that I would keep working. I like my job, and I might get bored without work. I can only imagine how sucessful I could be if I never had to worry about getting fired. Think about how freeing it would be to come up with ideas without worrying about consequences.

Fuck I am sweating in my eyes.
I guess eventually if I won a 220 million dollar lottery I'd quit working, spend time playing golf and watching Mets games from a luxuary box ... Or seats right behind home plate. Then I'd have to become a republican since I don't want any of these free spending liberals taking my money to pay for publicly funded commitment cermonies for lesbian hamsters. Those would be good problems.

Ahh a dollar and a dream.

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Pooka said...

I'd totally quit if I won the lottery. I like hat I do, but I hate the school I'm currently at. Ad frankly, I don't think I'd get bored if I wasn't working...