movie trailers really do get me

Last night Ani and I watched Beowulf, more on that later, but before the movie was a preview for Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. Holy shit does that look good.

I have not been a fan of Iron Man but this preview got me. From the music, Filter and Black Sabbath, to the early suit he builds while he is supposed to be building a missle for al-queda (or an al-queda type group) and to even Tony Stark's attitude on weaponry. "a weapon you only have to use once." That is fucking hardcore.

I wish my shadowrun character had been described in that manner.


Mike said...

Ironman does look awesome. I saw the trailer for the first time before Cloverfield and I was hooked as well. I love the part where Ironman is flying alongside the F-22's and he does that roll and the F-22's follow his lead. AWESOME!!! They showed the trailer last night during Lost and it looked awesome in HD. Gweweth Paltrow looks lovely in high def!

Of course since Robert Downey is playing Tony Stark, they'll be a scene where Tony is trying to score some "H".

Pooka said...

Well, Tony Stark is an alcoholic in the comics, so Downey's a great choice for the role. :)

I'm pretty psyched to see this too, though I couldn't give a shit about anything any of the Avengers ever did after Secret Wars.

Well, IronMan and Cap A were big players in Civil War last year, the best comic miniseries I've read in a loooong time.