nofx and young yankees fans

While I was waiting for the train here in White Plains, and these three douche bags walk past me on the platform. Probably about 15, they were all wearing Yankees caps, super clean and turned perfectly ironically. One of them had rhinestones for the NY.

As I always say, you are not a fan of a team until you sit through at least one really bad season. I myself didn't really become a Mets fan until 1992. 83-91 were pretty good.

The new NOFX live album is absolutely great. 13 years after their first live album, "They're even worst live" is a mix of some newer songs, old classics and banter. Oh is there banter. At one point a girl goes topless and they say "your dad didn't pay attention to you growing up". Ahh whoretown.

But they sound great, actually much more mellow and experimental than their earlier days. I can't wait till their tour hits the northeast, I can be that weird old guy in the pit.


Mike said...

As Patrice O'neill once said, just because I'm wearing a Steelers hat doesn't mean I like to Steelers. It just happens to match the color of the other clothes he's wearing. A lot of young thugs wear Yankees hat. And real Yankees fans wear the traditional Yankees blue and white hat or the road gray and blue. Any other hat is sacrilegious as far as Im concerned. I don't mind alternate colors of a teams uniform, but when the teams start having special colored hats for Irish night, and Dominican Day that's when it gets silly.

But I know what you mean about living through bad seasons. I bet if you ask a lot of todays Yankees fans who Butch Weineger, Alvaro Espinoza, Roy Smalley and Andy Hawkins are, half of them wouldn't know. I grew up during the Dave LaPoint and Danny Tartable years and somehow remained a fan.

Pooka said...

Let me know if NOFX is coming to town soon, I'll try to make it. Last time I went to a punk show it was overrun with fuckin' kids who thought Simple Plan was the second coming of the Ramones, and that was at least 6-7 years ago. I can only image the little shitheads we'll have to deal with next time.

niel said...

I am totally up for seeing NOFX again ... i can be that crazy old fat guy you see at every show, drunk off his ass and in the pit.

No i dont go in the pit anymore.