Amy Adams is a fundamentalist Quaker. She hates everything bout the outside world. Her beliefs make talking about her in this way a crime punishable by having your finger nails peeled back. You ask why did she venture to Hollywood to make movies. Well the community needed a new barn, and as homely as she is she was the most beautiful woman within 150 miles of Gobblers Knob (the secluded separatist community that her great grandfather Adam Adams founded with his fourteen child brides).


Her people are so puritanical they don't churn butter because they feel the act seems to obscene. Even though she is the savior of the village she is also considered the town whore.

While Allison Hannigan is a naughty school girl. She wants to be taught. And in the town she comes form that's A-OK!


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Mike said... proved my whore theory about Alyson correct.