Ani reminded me that I never made more mention of Beowulf. Let me tell you this, it wasn't the same Beowulf I read in Mr. Franzetti's class that's for sure.

There was so much in the movie that I barely remembered from the book. But after watching I was like ohh yeah. Admittedly I didn't read things as closely as I should of when I was in high school. I'm going to find some time to read it again.

It was really beautiful to look at. I'm not just talking about all but nude CGI Jolie. Hrothgar's meade hall was exactly as I had imagined it. But the movie deftly added several extra dozens of ample bussomed wenches. There was something very Klingon about that place, all the warriors drank their meade (or blood wine) and sang songs of mighty heroes.

Grendel sort of disturbed me, being such a huge fan of the book Grendel, I began seeing him more as a sasquatch rather than the twisted creature he was in the movie. Speaking of not looking like what I expected, Grendel's mother was way more of a sexy serpant than a dragon as she appears in the book. But I guess Olde English translates differently to everyone. Her voice probably would have been wasted on a hideous dragon.

Overall it was really good, I have a Canadian version of Beowulf on DVD I want to see how they interpret the story. I'll get around to watching it.

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