GI Joe


How awesome does Snake Eyes look!

A story about the upcoming GI Joe Movie


Mike said...

Is the GI Joe movie going to be live action? Or is it going to be animated/CGI?

I think Amy Adams would make an awesome Scarlette ;-)

niel said...

LIve action ... ughh again with Amy Adams the whore lovers Jenna Fischer.

Mike said...

Wow, I just looked up some of the casting for the GI Joe movie. Joseph Gordon Levitt, the little douchebag from Angels in the Outfield and 3rd Rock from the Sun is Cobra Commander? WTF?

The part of Storm Shadow will be played by JM J Bullock.

Pooka said...

Well, that's Ray Park as Snake Eyes. He's a prick in real life so I hear, and not much of an actor if he has to speak, but his action scenes are bad ass (Darth Maul.) I'm psyched.