jack black

I saw a commercial for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and Jack Black is the host and he's doing some weird rendition of Back in Black by ACDC. At what point did Jack stop being funny?

I was listening to old Tenacious D and that was some great stuff. But now he plays the same character in every movie. He's like a slacker Robin Williams. I think the last thing he was fun in was Anchorman. Where he was the biker who got hit with a burrito. And he dropped two classic lines.

"Now this is happening"
"That's how I roll"

Indeed Jack Black that's how you rolled. Now your excited about calling out the next presenters "One super gay and the other is an awful singer, in no particular order Sanjaya Malakar and Zac Effron!"

On that subject Sanjaya will be at the Borders books underneath the gym on Sunday, note to self go to another branch on Sunday.


Mike said...

Yeah I was just thinking about how I've been burned by JB so many times now. That new movie he's in "Be Kind Rewind" seems like a hysterical concept, but because he's in it, it probably sucks.

I don't know which came out first, but he was also awesome in School of Rock. But when he kicked Ron Burgundy's dog over the bridge, that's classic.

You're not hard core...unless you live hard core!!!

Kelvin said...

Come on Niel you know you want to go see Sanjaya!!!! In the great words of Howard Stern:


Long live Sanjaya!

niel said...

So you wanna line up at midnight in fornt of borders so we can meet him!