like lightning

I got futher proof that as They Might Be Giants said in their non-hit Older "Time Marches ON, and Time is Still Marching ON!".

I ran into one of the other original members of the Varsity Patrol. Jay was the best athelete who ever wore the numbers 327 on his sleeve. Fast, dexterious, determined and cocky, he was our Deion Sanders. So I ran into 33-year old Jay at Trader Joe's with his wife and nine-month old son. I guess since I kind of lost touch with him after high school, I still remember him locked in time back when we were 16-17.

Though he is a little stockier now (aren't we all) and has some back problems, he says that he is still fast. Not like at 17 but compared to the guys he plays softball and football with he is still way faster.

I'm glad Jay is still fast.

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