Today is the best day of the year. Opening Day. Seriously I am more psyched up today than I was on Christmas, Thanksgiving or even my birthday. Everything is even, every team has the shot of going all the way. Everyone is an MVP candidate.

This afternoon I am leaving work early, and settling in and watching my Mets take on the Florida Marlins. Lat time we saw the Marlins they were teeing off on Tom Glavine as he gave up eight runs in the first inning of the last game of the season, eliminating us from the post season. It is still a bitter taste in my mouth.

I almost yelled at some kid wearing a Yankees cap on my way to work today. I am sure my blood pressure is through the roof with excitement. One of my co-workers told me I had to take it down a notch or I'll wear my self out before the game starts. I cant wait.

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