proposition 317

You may have noticed the 317 in a box on my sidebar. Just so you know its a link to a petition to have St.Patrick's day made into a national holiday. Of course its a publicity stunt by the makers of Guiness, but honestly when have they led you down the wrong path?

My back is killing me, last night I got home, ate dinner and my back seized up. Sweet! I hope I can loosen it up enough to go to the gym at lunch today. I am using this "competition" with Kelvin as motivation, but realistically I'm going to have a tough time beatting him. For starters he is as competitive as I am (well almost as competitive), once he gets into a groove he'll kick up his workouts to marine level and he doesn't value sleep nearly as much as I do.

Now were those real complements or am I just trying to get into his head with bizzare physchological warfare. I guess that is yet to be determined.

I think the back pain could be from the 99 pounds of laundry I carried up and down the stairs. We hadn't done laundry in weeks. And instead of spending the two hours it would take to do it, we dropped it off for the laundromat to do. Lazy? Yes.

But 99 pounds is a lot of laundry. On monday I went to the gym afterwork and I realized I didn't have underwear in my gym bag, so I went to Target (which is in the same building as the gym in White Plains) and grabbed what I belived to be a pack of Fruit O The Loom boxer briefs. They turned out to be regular briefs.

I'll say this, they shouldn't even make XXL briefs. But not wanting to go commando I put on a pair. And guess what, I liked them. They were comfy, snug where they were supposed to be. I probably won't go out of my way to get more, but those pairs will stay in the rotation.

Can you belive the governor of New York has spent $80,000 on prostitutes. Really. That is a lot of money for a public servant to be spending on anything.

I guess he wanted First Lady Swallower rather than First Lady Spitzer. Yes I am ashamed of that joke. Well not really.


dave said...

With roller derby I realized I had to get more supportive undergarments so I went out and bought some briefs from Tagret. I am not disappointed. I dont think I have worn anything but Boxers since high school. I didn't know what support and comfort really is.

niel said...

I agree, sometimes the boys are bouncing all over the place when I work out in looser boxers.

Mike said...

You two should be ashamed of yourself.

Pooka said...

I need to get on the ball if I'm going to try to keep up with N & K. The lack of a gym (for time, money and location reasons) is not going to help, so it's all dog walking and watching what I eat. Which hasn't gone all that well just yet.