three bills no more

I just got back from my follow up with my doctor. And I've final dropped back bellow 300. Sweet. 294 and dropping.

My blood pressure is lowering, but he gave me another perscription to drop it faster. But I'm on the right path. I need some porno chicken.

I am going to hurt myself pushing myself harder to beat Kelvin to size 38 jeans. Now that he joined a gym as well.

The smashing pumpkins song Doomsday Device seems to be about heart disease. But I guess you hear what you want to, just like when you a teen every song is about fucking.


Mike said...

Oooh Im watching my figure, I can buy 38 waist jeans. I can wear a speedo to the beach like I'm european. It's like listening to kirsty Alley and Valerie Bertinelli talk about their Jenny Craig days. Be real men. The first man to leg press your Civic is the winner!!! But seriously, trying to fit into a certain size jeans is totally a woman move. Set some sort of real goal like who can run a mile faster on the treadmill. Or who can bench press X amount of weight more times. Or who can last on the stairmaster longer. The whole reason I started jogging last summer was because of that stupid Shaq show where he was helping obese teens. I wanted to see if I can run a mile faster than a 300 pound 11th grader.

I'll tell you what, the first one of you ladies to fit into your 38 jeans wins a box of tampons. Super absorbant!

Oh and every song IS about fucking. Doomsday Clock is about premature ejaculation.

niel said...

wow ... dude you need sleep. Its really once it gets warmer and I get kelvin to go golfing, i want to hit the train at golden bear.

Mike said...

No my friend, you need to "MAN UP" and stop acting like Kirsty Alley. :-)

Mike said...

But seriously congrats on getting below 300 pounds. Im glad all your work at the gym is giving you some results.

Kelvin said...

Thank god for mike. I would not know of this contest. I was planning on taking it up a little tonight but now. I'm so there. remember you have a head start on building a habit of working out. Today is my 4th day of the return of Kelvin.
But now that I know, "It's on like Donkey Kong!!!"

I hear the eye of the tiger in the distance..... Damn do you hear that?????? Here it comes.....


Pooka said...

Count me in, fuckers. You've both got what, a week up on me?

Kelvin said...

my 1st day at the gym was saturday. Niel started at the gym like what 3 months ago.

Sorry, Mike, and Niel the Kelvin train has left the station. Choo!!! Choo!!! Oohhhh YEAAAHHHHHHHH!!!