vampire weekend

When I was driving to the gym at some point last week, and I was listening to NPR, since I wasn't in a music mood, and I unintrested in hockey or college basketball. I think all things considered was on, which got a great shout out on the Simpsons this past week. They were previewing Studio 360, which is their music show. And this weeks guest are Vampire Weekend.

And then all of a sudden Vampire Weekend is all over the place. They will be on SNL this weekend. There was a few mentions on Pop Candy.

So I was interested, I got their self titled album and its good. Kind of like all of the Clash's reggae songs, mixed with Paul Simon (with Lady Smith Black Mamjambo or Chevy Chase) with some Sufjan Stevens sprinkled in there.

What is nice, is its a totally different sound than I'm used to hearing. I am looking forward to hearing them live, because I'm not 100% sure who they really are.

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