... you bastards you really did it

So yesterday White Plains beat me, and we all realised that at the House of Mouse we are all alone and its kill or be killed.

About 3pm I get an email from the MTA saying that there was a building collapse and there were no trains going into or out of Grand Central, luckily my car was securly parked at home. Oh wait that is not a good thing.

So I start forwarding the email to facilities, HR, and to people I take the train with. Knowing that Ani was in Riverdale for work I call her and she was able to get an express bus back home. At about this same time Mom is locked out of the house. Luckily she was able to get in to the house with some help from the delivery guy from the spanish food place.

At this point everyone knows at work. People are trying to find car services and are gathering groups. Still no word from the people who are supposed to be our support during these times. I got a bunch of out of office notifications, but no answers.
I was in a group of people who were taking a cab back into Queens via the Bronx. And made contengency plans if Metro North wasn't running this morning.

As we went down stairs their was a note from HR about a White Plains bus that would take you. To Fordham, locally, where you could transfer a few blocks away to the C or D train. That is your back up plan. How about eating the cost of a bus or two to 125th street or Grand Central. No, that would take actual leadership or vision.

Now today the NY contingent either will not come up since they are unsure of the situation or will make cracks about it. Someone might get harshly yelled at today.

It just took 25 minutes to get from GCT to 125th street, nice, its normally 10 minutes. I carried back my backpack full of job bags for some of the 85 books I'm working on this year.

And at this pace, the slowing economy will mean hiring of our two new people may or may not happen. There probably won't be merit bonus this spring, who knows about my scheduled promotion. What I am sure about is that after October I'm paying for half of my commuting, so that is a pay decrease in essence.

I'm sure that the fat rats will all be taken care of.

I know this post sounds negative but I love my work, I belive in our properties, our team and associated teams are all awesome and I consider many of them friends. But White Plains has beaten me.

... Totally off topic tangent

Do you want to be completly un-entertained? Then listen to the new Nine Inch Nails album Ghosts I-IV or Anal Cunt's Defenders of the Hate. First on NIN it is 2 1/2 hours of uninspired instrumental tracks. I could barely keep my eyes open while listening to it.

The other one I got because how can you not like the name Anal Cunt. Perhaps by listening to this putrid album. Every song sonds exactly the same. Superfast superloud screeching vocals totally hiding the instruments. I thought it was repeating the same song, but they were different tracks. I need to take that crap off my iPod. Thanks Anal Cunts for souring me a little bit on the word Cunt.

Don't get me wrong. Its still far and away my favorite word in the English or any other languages.


Pooka said...

White Plains is the suck.

niel said...

its like Lord of the Flies ... Sucks on White Plains!

dave said...

You will move closer to white plains within two years. Thats right I said it!

Kelvin said...

No Niel is stuck in Queens. Mike moved away and someone has to be around to help Mama V. out. Niel is in my boat, loves his job but the commute is going to kill him and in october it will be costing him money too. I hate the backlash of republican trickle down theory.