you know who else is not funny ...

That Tyler Perry guy. I don't even find him mildly entertaining. George Lopez is mildly entertaining. Tyler Perry as either the effeminant though manly fat black guy or as the crazy overly religious old lady Madea is on the same level as Jim Belushi as far as I am concerned.

I don't get how this guy has a TV show (Perry, Belushi's show is thankfully gone) or has so much success with his drag movies.

There is one thing being Eddie Murphy and being his own mother in the Nutty Proffesor "HERECULES! HERCULES!" Or Kennan Thompson's hilarious Virginika on SNL. Madea is all holier than thou and threatening to kill people who mess with his (her) nieces.

Yeah Niel is racist because he thinks Tyler Perry is unfunny.

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