awesome new show

Last night I was flipping through the channels, watching the Mets bats come alive against the Nationals, and the Obama-CLinton debate. Ok we get it, there is so much sexual tension between those two they need to finally fuck and get over it so they can plan on beating Father Time in November.

But on Fuse I found a show called NOFX backstage passport. Its a new show that is chronicling their world wide tour. The first two episodes featured their South American leg of the tour. Filled with near riots in Peru, cancelled shows and perhaps killed promoters in Columbia, and onstage fights in Brazil, the show is great and shows the band in a new light. I really want to go see them live soon. I gotta check when the North East leg of their tour begins. Ahh being the old fat guy at a punk show is going to be awesome.


foodiechickie said...

Hah Father Time!!

Mike said...'ll be the old, fat guy...with a diaper bag :-)