Yesterday I took our annual culture survey at work. And wow did it feel great. Despite the fact that there was not real ample space for bitching, I made space and let it all out. It was nice it was like the part in a Lifetime movie when Valerie Bertenelli confronts Michael Gross, and then she feels better.

What is nice is, it is theoretically anonymous, but from examples I gave it wouldn't be hard to figure out it's me. What are they going to do, fire me? Over an anonymous survey? Try it, I'll go find Ron Kuby's phone number (perhaps Rev. Al or the ACLU). Or I can stay home and raise the baby (like Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom - not like Martin Laurence in Daddy Daycare) and start a parenting blog.


Pooka said...

"August 19, 2008 -
I can't express how warm and fulfilling it is to be able to share teh day with my wonderful daughter, Cheesedoodle. There is a bond there that nothing could tear asunder. She suckled at my man bosom, how I wish I could lactate! Afterwards I changed her diaper and - I'm so proud of her range and strength already - she peed and it hit me in the face! I'm so glad I got fired from Disney to become a Mr. Mom.

-Niel aka Manmommy"

Mike said...

Interesting, another parallel between you and Ms. Bertinelli.

"He's was always such a quiet guy, until that survey;then he just snapped"