Oh my God there is still so much to do. Last night I steam cleaned the nursery. Today I need to build a book case and start moving stuff out of the living room.

On the subject of the bookcase we went to Target to get a bookshelf that looks like a dollhouse. We went to the one in college point so we could exchange somethings at Babies R Us. Could we find any help? No. Awkward teen Alan was too busy trying to convince way out of his league Tina to be more than friends, rather than check if there were any in stock. I checked the machine and they had some in stock, but according to the manager they were being unloaded overnight, we got a rain check.

So while I enjoyed some sweet tea from McDonalds Ani called other Target stores we got out to Target in Westbury and lo and behold we got the bookshelf. Sweet.

Inspired by Squilky, I went to the range Friday night with Kelvin. I was hitting the ball pretty good. Mostly straight and up (no not straight up). It was very encouraging perhaps trying to be fit is helping.

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Mike said...

Glad you got to hit the range. Once the weather gets warm, I gets the fever real bad. Make a copy of those DVD's for Kelvin. I was telling him about it earlier.