I hate the 601 train from White Plains. Its crowded, it doesn't go direct to NYC. It comes from White Plains. But it is precitable, and as I sit her squeezed by two older women and their five very large bags. It reminds me of my hell commute this morning.

I leave my place around quarter to seven, its pouring and windy. And to quote someone from work, "dorthy and toto just blew by me." I get on a bus, all of the empty seats have pools of water on them so I stand. I get off the bus to take the "shortcut" I get rained on and ignored breifly by the coffee guy.

I jump on the train and they say there is a delay for a sick passenger. That is fine I have a cushion of like 10 extra minutes before I need to be at GCT. 35 minutes later the train crawls into Queens plaza and goes out of commision. I take the N train, I see that I'll miss the train at GCT so I take the 4 up to 125th to catch the late train with an extra 10 minutes. On this train I nearly scald myself as I spill cofee on my hand. Nice. I run to the metronorth and catch the 800 train (or as GCT riders call it the 750) which means I'm walking in White Plains.

I get to WP its no longer raining but its windy like nobodys buisness. I'm waiting for the Cubs to go flying by. Then I saddle up for a breakless 8 hour day.

Non-related I started using a small note book for my home to do list, just like I do at work. I think this will be a good thing.

I think the women I am sitting near are lesbians. One of the was showing the other something out of the window and there was a seemingly high on the thigh squeeze. Sadly not the good kind of lesbians.

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