bar car

I wish the metronorth trains in the morning had bar cars. That would really take the edge off.

We toured the hospital were the baby will be born, wow are they really pimping out those single rooms. This room has wi-fi and a view of the park, only $700 more per night (out of pocket not covered by insurance). Or you could go for the $4000 per night three room suite with locking doors for your privacy. Seriously.

I was surprised when I actually got my promotion this week. I thought it was coming in the fall. Sweet. I still resent having to pay almost $200 more a month (actually the company pays, but at some point I'll be paying that)than my counterparts to get to work.

The crib is kicking my ass. The directions are horrible, and they don't tell you that you shouldn't construct it right to left rather than left to right. I'm just saying I read directions like a read text. I was telling someone at work, that I could make a book about crib building way easier. I need to go find some migrant workers.

Fuck do I hate the local train.

Wow did the Mets look bad yesterday. I came out of a meeting and checked the score 7-0 in the fourth. Ok I'm done for the day.


Mike said...

Hey congrats on the promotion!

For an additional $3000 a night, Elliott Spitzers whore better be included in that price :-).

Pooka said...

Congrats on the promotion. Still, go for the budget room. I'd take the extra money for the wifi room and stick it in an account for Choodle's college fund.

foodiechickie said...

No we're not. Not that we were asking the advice. Niel was just observing what the crazy options were. But the shared hospital rooms are very tight.