Really I can't listen to the song Strange Days without thinking of the scene from the Doors movie when Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison is getting blown in an elevator by Nico from the Velvet Underground. And when the doors open Meg Ryan is there and they both laugh at her. Good times.

So despite the fact that I'm breaking the first two rules of fight club, here is my foray into creating Fight Club homework assignments.

The Super fan
- Go to a sporting event at a stadium known for rabid (douchebag fans)
- Come dressed head to toe ready to root for their bitter rival.
- Turn you cheering up to 11
- Then start getting into the faces of children, women whoever. Find a kid wearing a Arod shirt and yell at him "Arod sucks! Just like your mother!" If you are not attacked keep going
- Perhaps go into the bathroom and loudly say "wow I had no idea Yankees fans used urinals I thought all you faggots peed sitting down".
- When someone starts physically fighting with you don't fight back.

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Mike said...

I like to go to Fenway Park holding a giant sign that reads "Big Poppy is a fag". Of course if I had done that at Shea during the Piazza era, people couldn't get mad, because it's true :-).