iron man

Last night while I'm heading home Ani asks if I wanted to go see Iron Man after work. At first I kind of balked, but then said if not now, when? So we met up and headed to the Kaufman Astoria Theatre. Nice and empty on a monday night. Sweet.

Before I talk about the movie, when you see a movie that really strikes a chord with you, the actors become infused with their chartcters. We saw a preview for the Hulk with Edward Norton. He is forever the guy from Fight Club. I am pretty psyched for that, it has a real Bill Bixby/Lou Ferigno CBS Hulk feel. And of course the Big Lebowski starring Jeff Bridges. For my money Jeff Bridges will always be the Dude.

And then the Dude shows up in Iron Man. I'll say this he was very un-Dude. Robert Downey Jr was great, I don't know much about Iron Man but he was the perfect Tony Stark.

Remember in Batman Begins when Bruce Wayne comes back and pretends to be a billionaire playboy. Tony Stark was not pretending. Four words ... Private Jet Stripper Pole.

The technology was really great, and I liked how they showed the testing process. It was fun, its clearly leading to an Iron Man 2 and perhaps even an Avengers movie.

If you haven't seen it wait for a full extra scene at the end of the credits.

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