niel dont panic DONT PANIC

Ani calls says doctor sent her to hospital to be checked out.
I'm calm.

Feverishly do work.

I'm calm

Texts me, maybe you should come to hospital.

Still calm.

white plains the Manhattan of westchester my ass where are the god damn cabs

Walk to train.

1241 could it get here any later

I'm actually pacing on the platform.

Oh my god nothing is done at the house. Texted friends, they may be put to work tonight. Need coffee no time for sleeping tonight.

I had a dream she was coming today, I thought I was just psyched up about it.

Take a cleaning breath.

May need to come back to WP tonight to set things up for next week just in case.

Fuck still 10 minutes.

I am hungry like wolf.

If this is a false alarm ani is going to ride me like a donkey to get everything done this weekened.

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foodiechickie said...

Ahem listen sleepy, you are taking a much needed nap cause it was a rough day for you. I guess sort of for me. I don't make you do anything when you're home from work cause your commute sucks. Thought I would set the record set ok fuzzy. Love ya:)