- A week ago we would have thought today's projected high of 88 was sweltering. I'm describing it as brisk.

- Did I mention that we have a neighbor who, in extreme heat, gets snacks in the nude -or maybe was just trying to cool down her breasts near the fridge. I noticed this when I was closing the window in Olivia's room to turn on the AC.

- I am not sure the Mets are ever going to win another game.

- Battlestar Gallactica was so great last week, especially with the return of Xena - Cylon Princess. But the old guy fight from the week before should win an EMMY. To bad they don't have a "best fight" catagory.

- I may get jury duty next week. Sweet!

- On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being no way and 10 being totally (yes I'm working on the Bill and Ted scale), do you think I can install a window air conditioner.


Mike said...

It should be fairly simple to install. There are usually these accordion type pieces on either side that help lock it in place and keep the air from leaking out. So I think you'll be able to figure it out. But I predict a lot of cursing and grunting during the install process.

Pooka said...

WHat does the neighbor look like?