thinking ahead

This weekend we were in Rhode Island for Mark and Becky's wedding. It was really classy and it was great fun going on vacation with friends.

But I had two weird moments. The sun was blazing during the ceremony, so I took Nugglet into the shade. She liked it better there. Then, Becky was brought down the aisle by her parents and I was getting weepy. Luckily I was wearing sunglasses. Even though they were giving her away to a really great guy it must have been sad giving her away.

Then there was another moment we were at the table and Becky and her dad were dancing and it felt like a movie. One minute me and Rolls are sitting at a wedding watching the dance, then a second later we are dancing on her wedding day.

Oh god I'm such a wuss. I need to go have a good cry.

Speaking of crying, last nights Mets loss was the worst of the year. They were on the verge of going up a full game with the opportunity of going up three games (with a sweep) now they need a win tonight to get back even and a win Thursday afternoon to take the lead again.

And all of a sudden the Marlins are back in it. A loss by the Mets tonight could send us spiralling into Third place (Yankee territory). All of the scenarios are dizzying.


Mike said...

Right, why would the Mets want to be 10 games over .500 like the Yankees. :-)

Pooka said...

I thought Ani was the only one cut into when Emma was born. I didn't realize they also removed your testicles.