happy new year

I know that its been a long time since I posted but in the new year I hope to get a chance to post more frequently. So 2008 was a pretty big year for me, promotion at work, ROY at The Happy Recap ... And oh yeah the birth of Olivia. Which was awesome. It is almost indescribable how much joy she has brought to me this year.

For the guy who was shaving his chest in the gym locker room. Dude do that at home.

To Mike and Mandy a great wedding or two or three. Hopefully none is listed as "shotgun". And Mandy I hoper you feel welcome into the family. Ani and I think you are great and Olivia is pretty fond of her aunt.

To Kelvin I hope you can get normal hours again, which will be great for the baby I hope Shawnda gets.

To Mike and Rachel, I hope you guys get extra sleep. I know you guys need it. If you don't we hate you. I also hope that you guys enjoy every moment with Max, he is awesome. Also I hope you can find the words to explain to him why the Yankees don't win again.

Dave and Holly, I hope you get that outdoor hot tub I've been talking about. And that your alter-egos Wellen and Glamthrax stay healthy and safe.

For all my recently reconnected friends on facebook I hope to spend more time with you guys.

To my pals over at THR I hope we get to have a second outing at the Mets victory parade.

To my Ani and Olivia I just hope I can be everything for you guys that you need or want me to be.

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