the great debate

Which vital organ would you give up if you lost one in a lawsuit?

  • kidney
    liver (half)
    stomach (5/8)
    heart (1 ventricle)
    brain (small part, not much)
    penis or vagina (whichever one you have)

  • I chose to honor Kurt Russel in Escape from New York and picked an eye to b e a body part that I'd be willing to give up. Others have said pinkie would be easier to deal with.

    Why missing a pinkie is bad
    - cant wear gloves properly
    - cant drink tea like a sophisticated person
    - can't have mob street cred without pinkie rings
    - your hands are off balance when posting here
    - the "shocker" is out of your repitoire

    Why missing an eye is awesome
    - extra storage under the patch
    - pirates are cool
    - you can scare kids
    - you wouldn't have had to witness your favorite sports teams choke with two eyes

    Why missing a pinkie is good
    - Can still get handicap plates without too much difficulty
    - still have 9 other fingers

    What sucks about losing an eye
    - trouble driving
    - lint under your patch

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    foodiechickie said...

    LOOL! Still funny reading it as well.