this is why the rest of the world hates us

The other day Ani asked me if I heard the latest from PETA, I said
no. And then she said they are trying to discourage people from eating
fish by calling them Sea Kittens. I shit you not.

Who had this brilliant idea, fish are not lovable scamps. They swim
around, they get caught, cut up and then either served up as sushi or
fillet-o-fish. In these times, perhaps PETA should be more concerned
with the ethical treatment of people, who will soon be eating (land)
cat food.

These are a few of the other ideas that were brought up at the brainstorming meeting ...

  • Feathered Kittens
  • Flying otters
  • Farm puppies
  • Clucking panda

  • Cows
  • Land Manatees
  • Super Sloths
  • Chubby Monkeys
  • Bovine Americans
  • Marbled Polar Bears

  • Lobster

  • Sea Roaches
  • Soggy hogs

  • Does PETA realize that if we don't eat animals, they will over run the
    whole world. And then we'll have to shoot them.

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    Mike said...

    I can't wait to try some delicious Kitten McNuggets!