Day 1

I have learned a lot about moving the last day or so. Never, pick the cheapest mover you can find on Craigslist. And never leave the packing for the day before.

So last night was our first night in our new place, after a disastrous afternoon with the movers, and two more trips back to the old place in Jeff's van, I was beat. We ate dinner with Mom, the kids were asleep (for now). Without the strength to fully set up our bed, it was just mattress on the floor. What am I 20? Eventually I went upstairs and got Olivia from the sofa she had fallen asleep on and brought her to her bed, five minutes later she was on our mattress. Then so was the baby. And I spent most of the night using an airline blanket as a pillow on the floor. But my family was nice and comfy in their new home. So that is OK with me.

But I have to say thank you so much to Kelvin and Jeff, who were away from their young families so much of the day and evening to help mine.

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