Camp Papa

I don't know if so-called Camp Papa is going as good as it could. Perhaps being so broke and being obsessed with getting a new job is effecting my ability to show the kids a good time.

I swear when we were at Target this morning, Belushi was looking at me and thinking Papa why are you at Target at 9am?

Last depressing thing of this post. Today they sent home the Father's Day project the kids worked on at preschool. I remember the day they asked to send a picture of the child with their dad, and I thought about how sweet the mother's day projects were. I couldn't wait to display it at my desk. I don't have a desk now ... Hmm maybe I need to set up a work area.

Ok, setting up the kiddie pool was a great idea. Its hot out, the baby is finally napping and O is splashing like a crazy person. Olivia's bathing suit looks like bubble gum with pop rocks mixed into it.

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foodiechickie said...

Good visual on the bathing suit.