Crawling Machine

The little guy is a crawling machine. Olivia never really crawled. She kind of did a half hearted backwards crawl, which I'm pretty sure was just to assure us that one day she'll be mobile. But Belushi can't be stopped. He takes off like no ones business. Once he is walking I am going to drop pounds like crazy.
I spent all night finishing a project, then the computer crashed and at 430am four hours of work gone. Why don't you create a recovery file MS Word? But it seems to be working ok now, and I'll be on pace to deliver on time. But I do need a newer more reliable laptop. Perhaps a baby proof one, since the little guy deleted the play list I started for his birthday festivities.
I'm not sure if I'm for the changes involved in the new season of the Fresh Beat Band. A new (albeit hotter) Marina, and Shout wearing long pants. I don't know I'm kind of wary of these changes.
Its also a kind of sad day, today was O's next to last day in nursery school. They sent back her floor place mat, were she would sit in her place. She is so different from the little girl we brought to school for the first time last fall.

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