Day zero ... Day 1

So here we are. I'll call yesterday Day Zero and today was Day 1 of the rest of my life. It had been bad at work for a long long time, but I never thought they would get rid of me. It goes to prove that anyone can be sacked, and god luck to the several people who will have to try to do everything I did. 

I had written the note I sent out to my co-workers almost a month ago, and the last thing I did was sent it out. Its funny the reactions I have gotten, people in the know got that I was fired. And that it really sucks. While others read it as I was going willingly. I guess no one is really wrong, it sucks and I'm kind of going willingly.  

My eight years toiling in the fields were not all bad, but when they were bad they were unbearable. In a lot of ways those years remind me of the character Christopher from the Soprano's career. He started out as a kid, and up and comer. He did anything for his boss. "That's the guy I'm going to hell for". But his own desires and needs got in the way of the boss' over all plan. New more agreeable members of the crew put Christopher on a back burner when it came to influence with the boss. Yes over the years Christopher got away with things that most other members of the crew wouldn't have gotten away with. And eventually, when he was in a moment of weakness Tony took him out. Its not exact ... but its close. I'm just saying.


 Honestly the biggest adjustment I have had so far is being without my Blackberry. It has been at my side for nearly four years. Vacations, births of children, funerals and weddings it was with me to check email. But now its gone. I was so fidgety without it. But look what checking mail at all hours of the day and night got me.

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