A fun weekend and overage

In past iterations of my blogs I sometimes will do a quick recap of a few days or a weekend. So here it goes.

  • Got a freelance gig writing a fact a day calendar. There are an awful lot of days in the year.

  • Belushi was wearing a fat guy hat and Olivia was rocking' a pink Che hat during our walk this morning.

  • We went to this BBQ festival (or block party as it was called) with Kelvin, Shawnda and AJ. Very tasty. Pit master Ed Mitchell is a genius.

  • I hate listening to Ripley barking ... But he is our family dog it pisses me off in anyone else complains about it

  • I'm getting a bit stir crazy but I have a plan. Enjoy time with the kids during the day, work and what not at night.

  • We went to a Strawberry Festival, I was expecting much more strawberries. Pies, jams, Darryls etc. I enjoyed the short cake but I could have used more.

  • The little guy is getting some more teeth and he's paying for it with a vicious fever.

  • Started working on my goal of getting O potty trained. She peed in a toilet. Yay. Then she peed all over herself soon after, but she did warn us and it was too hard getting down her pants and unders in time.

  • I hate when people go on and on about potty training on face book.

  • The definition of the glamorous life is sitting in a laundry mat at 1am washing blankets.

  • Not an NBA fan but I was riveted to the Mavs - Heat game six. Wow. Congrats to the "Big Sauerkraut" and the rest of his teammates who played great team basketball.
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