When you don't have a washer in your house you can not wear the same T-shirt for weeks. But now that we have a washer the same shirts seem to come up over and over again. So by default my K-Rod player T-shirt is apparently my favorite shirt. Its a good thing that his option doesn't kick in by numbers of times I wear his shirt. It looks like K-Rod is off the drying line, and ready to be worn again.

We are still a few days away from having a presentable apartment down here, but its getting there. I layed down some carpet on our stairs which is nice a cushy. This place is shaping up nicely.

Hi Netflix, can we have a few more options for kids to watch (Fresh Beat, Bubble Guppies, even Olivia). I have seen every episode of Dora the Explorer at least four times. When someone asks me "where are we going?" I yell out "Highest Mountain!" Its like an instinct now. Damn you Dora!!

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foodiechickie said...

Love your last line. Y

es hopefully our place and the backyard will be done by the time Belushi's first birthday rolls around.