Mundane Conversations

Now that the long national nightmare is over and I have a blackberry again, I started thinking about the kind of things I will miss about working in an office.

The day before I got the ax I was enjoying a Pop Tart and one of my co-workers questioned if Pop Tarts are a proper snack for an adult.

"Of course they are, they sell them in our vending machine". She said that didn't mean anything. So we asked someone else who vehemently denied eating Pop Tarts, and another agreed with her. Are we at work or in the gulag? Pop Tarts are a wonderful breakfast treat and a great snack any other time. That wasn't a blatant ad for Pop Tarts but, if the makers of Pop Tarts want to send me some feel free. I like the frosted strawberry.


I have gotten some really great responses from my ex-coworkers. And a lot of really funny ones from people who had previously been stuck in the metaphorical glue trap, shoved in a paper bag and tossed out in the garbage. Its nice to feel loved.


Oh I'm not doing that Day 1, Day 2 thing. I'm going to forget and all of a sudden its day 61 and its all depressing.

I have to mail back some things, parking pass etc. Do you think they want the T-shirts from forced "volunteering" back?

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foodiechickie said...

I love you & pop tarts also. and demi lovato knows how you feel.