A New Park

We took a walk (a long walk) to a new park this morning out in Glendale. It was nice, not shaded enough for my taste. But it was good it was called the "Vito F Marazano Playground". It was nice Olivia played while Belushi slept. But she was getting hungry and so was I, and the mini "salty knots" we had in the diaper bag just weren't cutting it, so we headed back home.

I am filling up the pool and hopefully the little guy will be awake so he can splash around a little too. Just two thoughts on the heat. I have been wearing short pants exclusively since my last day of work my calves are enjoying the breezes. There are now a lot of Muslims in our neighborhood, and some of the women wear the traditional garb. How hot must it be under those head dresses and long black robes?

Could the heat be from New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes?

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Mike said...

Vito Marazano, wasn't he the fat guy who used to play bocce ball up at Juniper?