Oy Anxiety!

About two years ago I was suffering from a lot of anxiety. It was manifesting itself by my feeling awkward and self conscious in social and professional settings. So I sought professional help, and I found it in a wonderful doctor located right next door to the office.

Anyone caught up yet?

I had kept my doctor very much in the loop about this whole firing business. After my wife she was the first person I let know. She tried to squeeze me in the NYC office but couldn't. So today I ventured back to White Plains. I parked in my old parking garage and tried not to be seen by anyone I knew. Made it into the office fine but then I had to go to Kinko's to make copies.

That's another thing you take for granted while working in an office, free copies ... and coffee.

I could feel beads of sweat rolling down my sides as I went back towards the scene of the crime. I ended up cutting through another parking lot to get to my car (which I couldn't actually find for a few moments). My heart was racing and I was relieved. I don't know what I was worried about but I didn't want to seem like someone who is trying to hang onto something that isn't there anymore.

These first two days of unemployment have been busier than work had been in a long time.

I would make a great Access-a-Ride driver.

Its so hot and I need to install a AC in my moms apartment but I am so tired.

New York State really makes you earn Unemployment Benefits, would it really kill them to hire a few people and have a switchboard as opposed to that terrible automated system. Look I just created a bunch of new jobs.

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