So far so good

Well the big one is still sleeping in and the little guy is playing a bit. So all is OK so far. I found something called Baby Brainworks on Netflix. Wow, it is no Baby Einstein, I'll tell you that. But the music is soothing enough. I gotta set up the DVD player.

A few years ago when Olivia was still a baby, one of my friends referred to their son who is about 6 months older as "all boy". I didn't know what they were talking about until now that Little Niel is "all boy". He is active and he tries to climb on everything and squirmy. Olivia was a so calm and sedate (veal like) when she was little.


Kelvin said...

girls are easy in the beginning and hell in the teenage years boys are the opposite for the most part. O will give you plenty of hell later. When she is doing everything to get on the pole, and you are doing everything to keep her off of the pole.

Mike said...

It gets scarier as they older. Max at this point is pretty fearless. He scares the crap out of me however. On his bike, he'll be going at full speed and suddenly jams on the brakes to leave skid marks. Or he will be going downhill and takes both hands off the handlebars and yells like hge is on a roller coaster. Im waiting for him to launch himself over the handlebars. And don't even get me started on him in the pool. Good times.