Today was a good day

Today was one of the good days. Belushi was up early which was good we played until Olivia who wanted bacon at midnight but wanted no part of it at 9am.

With O up early we trekked into the city to see a concert in the park. The good was there was no line at the stroller check, the bad was it took forever to get parking and we only saw twenty minutes of the concert.

We piled back into the car and went and got lunch at New York's finest restaurant. Did you know they now sell pizza at Gray's Papaya? No thanks, we'll stick to the hot dogs.

Then it was off to the library to blow off some steam and then back home for a nap (Belushi), a successful use of the potty (O) and some home improvements (me).

Two other quick things, I have a job interview in a few weeks and Belushi was born 11 months ago today. Wow and the little guy is up crawling and climbing. Time sure flies.

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