A trip to the library

Today we went to the library I used to go to as a little boy and wow is it different. The main floor (which used to be the entire library) was now just the adult and teen section. I remember that library being massive. I guess I was much smaller then. But Olivia had a really good time running around the kids section, sporadically reading a Baby Max and Ruby book.

Being at home has been difficult for me. I don't feel like I'm stopping to breathe at all. I don't understand how people work from home with kids, never mind look for work. I think that it will come together as we all get used to the situation.

Wow Nora Jones' cover Johnny Cash's Aint No Grave is great. Speaking of music, I wanted to take the kids to the first kids concert at Madison Square Park, but we all overslept. We'll be out there on Thursday to see Robbi K & Friends.

We have been watching Glee on Netflix and Hulu, and I am totally entertained. Even though Ani is watching the show backwards its interesting, and all the characters are entertaining except for the two "stars".

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