The unknown

Its been almost a month since I was shown the door and to my knowledge (and I guess to my dismay) my old department has not self destructed without me. I'm sure finding five year old grids is a little slower these days, I'm just saying.

I look back and wonder if there were things I should have done differently, I have ideas of things I will change when I get my next job. But I have to look forward and not backwards.

Its nearly 1:30 am, I'm still up and as I went to get a bottle for the baby I totally had no idea what day it was. Without a job or live TV how would you really know what day it is. Ok its time for bed.

I'm thinking of getting buisness cards made, any ideas on simply stating what I bring to the table


Mike said...

What do you plan on doing with the business cards? I mean it's a cool idea, but how do you plan on using the cards? Randomly handing them to people? Posting them on bulletin boards? And unless it's the size of a poster board, you may have some trouble fitting enough useful info in.

Niel said...

I'm thinking of giving them to people meet at some job events I'm going to.

foodiechickie said...

Do the business cards and of course your resume.