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I've said it before but the new parks that NYC built in the Carrol Gardens/Red Hook area are the best parks I have ever been to. And today they continued to impress.

After we picked Olivia up from preschool we headed towards Brooklyn. She was apprehensive about going into the water part of the park, so we went into the world's largest sandbox. With the temperatures in the high 90s the sand area was unbearable.

Luckily Belushi was still asleep in his stroller. We headed over and after a  brief technical issue the fountains came back on and the "river" began the flow again. The water was cold at first, but after about five minutes it was so good. Olivia splashed us, while the baby started to get his feet wet. I poured water over Olivia's head and at first it freaked her out like it does during bath time, but then she started enjoying it. It did feel like 150 degrees out there so anything felt good but I hope that perhaps she'll remember how much she liked it next time its bath time.

After nearly two hours in the mid day sun we called it a day.

Next May I will be embarking on an epic adventure with my buddy, former band mate and zine collaborator Mike. We will be doing a warriors dash, which is sort of like a obstacle course for grown ups. I guess grown ups is a relative term. So I started my training yesterday, I could tell you how I did two miles on the elliptical, but I really want to mention the creepy lockeroom attendant guy.

I was coming into the lockeroom at NYSC in Glendale and there was beeping. This older attendant says, its the sauna room. Referring to the beep, I nodded my head and went back to enjoying Angel of Death by Slayer on my iPod.

Not having time and already being extremely sweaty I decided not to hit the sauna. And went right for a shower. Standing outside a stall I turn on the water, to test the intensity and get the temperature right. And out of no where the guys comes up and declares that the water is working good today.
Lockeroom rule number 1: If you are fully dressed man never talk to a sweaty dude in only a towel or a nude man. I guess if its the setup of a gay porn movie then in that case its probably ok.

I said thanks and went into the stall. And I'm there taking a shower which was really refreshing after a tough workout,  when I'm asked if I need any more body wash. Hello see rule number 1. "No I'm good," I bark. I guess the guy was probably new, and the body wash was kind of low but seriously dude if I wanted conversations I wouldn't be taking a shower right now.

Oh god, its apparently "Papa's Turn" to have his nails painted.

I have a long way to go, I figure while I still have my gym membership I'll hit the gym. And once it expires I will ride my bike and start jogging to build up the endurance I will need to achieve my goals in the race:

  • Finish the race

  • Don't finish last
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