Baby Leash

That is right we are rockin' the baby leash today. Going to make this Target trip easier.

Last night I picked up a new used computer - nothing fancy but a serviceable machine. We were hungry so after a quick stop at the Armenian market, we went to the McDonalds with the huge indoor playground. O was a little hesitant but eventually she started climbing around. And then she got stuck.

She didn't want to go across the bouncy bridge. And wouldn't come down. As we are trying to coax her down a dude from McDs says the play area is now closed. O is still up there. I am climbing in the structure, but she doesn't want to come down. Ani is laughing, because its pretty funny.

Eventually a couple of other older children help bring her down. She was crying a little but kept saying "Thanks boy, thanks girl for help me down!" I thank those kids as well, after all the excitement She went to sleep early and Ani and I watched Glee on Netflix.

Oh, we are going to check out the self proclaimed best kids band in the world Starfish this afternoon in Carroll park in Brooklyn. We saw them a few days before Belushi was born last summer. And they were awesome.

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