Great Moments in bad parenting

When you are at Target, if you hear the phrase "Code Yellow" that means a little kid has gotten away from their parents. Don't ask how we know that.

Note to self don't wear flip flops to Target. I need sneakers to be able to cut and juke to keep up with Olivia. I really need to shape up once Belushi is up and running, he'll be way faster if not craftier that Olivia.

Oh yeah, that is Belushi's hospital braclet he got after falling off the bed. That's right ... Parents of the Year.

Isn't it weird to show Grey's Anatomy in a hospital? Belushi seems to be ok, but they want us to wait another hour to make sure he's ok. But the staff here at Forest Hills hospital have been great.

Ok, Grey's Anatomy is a good show. Not really but I'm pretty entertained.


Mike said...

I thought code yellow had to do with urine cleanup. Rough day, but tomorrow is another day. Im sure Belushi is fine. Kids at that age are very bouncy.

Niel said...

He was totally fine, but it was one of those things where you just want to be sure.

Mike said...

Daniel looks up to Niel too much, he followed in his crawly little foot steps and fell off the bed.

We didn't rush him off to the hospital, but called our doctor and he told us what to look out for. Luckily, he seems just fine. About 5 minutes of crying, then some clingy mommy time, and 20 minutes later it's like it never happened, except for the bump forming...