Random thoughts for a Monday Morning

While on our now daily morning constitutionals, Belushi and I passed by Lisa's Deli on Forest ave. Which is the home of "The Sandwich"

The Sandwich

- Pastrami
- American Cheese
- Bacon
- Deli Mustard
- Hero Roll

Cook the bacon, heat up the pastrami, melt the cheese on the pastrami, place on the hero bread and apply mustard.

I described the sandwich to the little guy and said it goes perfectly with a Sunnydale Iced Tea. But they don't make that any more. And I felt ancient. So it goes.

Speaking of the walks, the little guy enjoys a nice walk in the morning, while O preferred her walks late night. The walks have been doing me good as it appears I have lost somewhere between 7-10 lbs in the past month or so, I guess running around and chasing two kids is a lot more vigorous activity than sitting at a desk, drinking coffee and eating vending machine pop tarts. The "Fattest Place on Earth" ... Ok when does my cease and desist letter arrive

How isn't the word Pastrami in my blackberry's dictionary? Is RIM anti-semetic? Two C&Ds steaming from one post ... I'm on a roll.

So NETFLIX was down last night and O is back into Tea Parties.
But now they are so much more organized. You can't start until the table cloth is down, until wedding Mickey and Minnie are seated. Its like having imaginary tea with the Queen. So I enjoyed tea at midnight last night. Oh joy. But O does make a great cup of imaginary tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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foodiechickie said...

Love your posts. LOL. Your talks with your consiglierie are funny.