sleeping in

After a half good half not so good day Team Niel has slept in today. So nice. Actually Belushi was up early so we took a walk. Which is really great for clearing my mind, but he fell asleep shortly after, so I put him down for a nap. I remember when O was little, she wouldn't sleep so we would take these long late night walks, she was really great at bouncing ideas off of, and so is the little guy. When I get my side buisness venture off the ground it will be in large part due to the long walks with my silent advisor with the big knowing eyes. O was still passed out on the sofa (her preferred sleeping spot), I took the opportunity to catch a few ZZZs myself. I needed that two hours, until I heard Olivia.

Yesterday was filled with ups and downs, the interview ... Well I won't order a framed motivational for my office today. After I got back I took team Niel back into the city for O's speech therapist appointment.

Afterwards we met up with Ani and headed out to this new water park on the extreme west side. It was nice, but nothing like the Brooklyn one. We had some tasty Chinese/Vietnamese food, and made plans to go to The Cheese Bar. Eventually we made it back to Queens, around 10pm ... Luckily my car wasn't towed at Toys R Us.

Today, O is playing in the garden in her newly found sand table and the boy next door says "Olivia I love you." Its nice that she has a little friend next door. We are going to set up a play date at some point in the near future. And then keep a keen eye on him in the further out future.


Mike said...

Start polishing the shotgun :-)

foodiechickie said...

The last sentence made me laugh.