Twigs and what not

A few weeks ago some jerk broke a bunch of branches on the tree outside of our house. I took out my handy hand axe and trimmed it down. Though it would have been easier and cleaner using an saw. So we bundled them up and left them to be taken by the sanitation department.

The garbage was collected and my twigs were still there. Hmm. Ok I put them in bags, they were sticking out a bit. And they weren't collected. I shoved them into our trash can. Still not collected. Why can't they take a small stack of twigs. Perfectly good kindling.

So I put them in bags again. You could not see twigs pointing out and they didn't take them again! WTF. So I took them with me when I parked my car in a remote part of town and tossed them into a local trash depositing spot. I felt like a criminal, getting rid of evidence. But at least they are gone, and can become mulch.

The final preparations for Belushi's party are all but complete. You'd be shocked how hard it is to find non-sugar free cherry Jello. Ani thinks it is the most popular flavor. Seriously I shouldn't have to dig around the Jello section to find two boxes. I would have taken store brand.

Yesterday my half-sister called. I hadn't heard her voice in probably 30 years. I returned the call, but got voice mail. I wasn't sure how to introduce myself on the phone "Hi, its Niel", "Hi, its your brother Niel", or "Hi its your little bro", I went with the first one. I think if we were closer in age, we may have remained close. Her kids are both older than me. I don't know. It would be interesting to learn more about our dad, but it would also be pretty depressing.

My upcoming fantasy football draft and Angry Birds on Google Chrome are really going to hurt my job search.

I watched the first episode of The Guild season 5, I feel lost (I need to watch season 4 again) and I really want to try that Munchkin game I keep seeing at The Complete Strategist. Honestly, I'd really like to get in a good game of Flux or the Traitor game from the makers of Flux. Speaking of all things nerdy. I might play D&D with an old friend I reconnected with on Facebook.

Ok, last bit of rambling. We went to Sonic for lunch yesterday on Long Island. Mmm good. We got one of the spots were the carhops skate to your car. Their slushies are great, and the limeade not so much.

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