weird day

So after a few days of more fun, full family trip to Astoria pool, an ill-fated trip to get free slurpees at 7-11, an impromptu BBQ (with the chimney starter - which is very much a work in  progress), today something weird is happening.

For the first time in 8 years I'm going on a job interview. Crazy. I don't think I have ever been better prepared for an interview, but you never know. There is a whole lot going on in my head right now.

So I'm posting from the Apple store, mostly because i got here way early and its air conditioned in here. I have barely worn long pants in the past month. Not to mention a full suit. So its a little hot to say the very least. I'm using an iMac which is good, but it has this tiny tiny keyboard, it looks like I have giant hands. It has the mouse with the touch pad on top, its kind of neat, but I didn't want to use the one that has the giant touch pad instead of a mouse. I'll tell you Apple really makes a nice machine.

Anyway as you can tell I went with the beard ... wish me luck.

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Mike said...

Very sharp look for you. Hope the interview went well. And all the Apple keyboards are like that now. They seem to mimic the feel of the keyboard on the newish Macbook Pro models.