wow its hot out

Jeez it was a hot one today. But luckily Ani was home today, so we headed over to the Astoria Park pool. We got there around noon and there was a line. I told her to jump out and get on the line. She took O with her and I went for parking.

Soon I caught up with her, and so did my brother and family. Within minutes all seven of us were in the cool refreshing pool with 2000 of our closest friends. It was agreed that we need a pool in the backyard.

It was nice frolicking and beating the heat for a few hours. We parted ways and we headed out to Long Island to get some things for Belushi's birthday party. The thermometer in my car read 101 degrees. Though 1010 WINS said it was 104. Gross, I guess its better than the completely impassable roads we had in December.

As I drove, I heard less and less commotion in the back. I had two sleeping kids and one sleeping wife. After a few hours we got all we needed and headed home to turn on the AC.

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