2 am

I hate when I can't fall asleep. The babies are all long asleep. Ani long asleep. And I'm wide awake playing Bejewelled Blitz on facebook, until I force myself to bed. When I started writing this post.

These past few days without a car have been weird, I don't remember the last time I felt so trapped. We can go out on foot, which I do a lot but I can't just load up the kids and take a random drive somewhere to knock them out for a few hours. They both love sleeping in the car. We borrowed my brothers car this evening to take a Target run. It felt great being behind the wheel again.

I'm sad to say that we have just about run out of the "denim" diapers for Belushi. They were very classy. If Miley Cyrus was a baby now, Billy Ray would 100% have dressed her in them. The large box was on clearance two weeks ago at Target and my morbid curiosity got the best of me. Tonight, Target's fancy designer brand diapers were on clearance. We are going from Field and Stream to the New Yorker. We are very fancy ... Armenians have an expression Guldaragoons ... That is how fancy we are with Belushi's designer diapers.

Seriously babies wear pants, who is going to be seeing designed diapers. Am I supposed to be impressed while I'm wiping poop off his butt? "Wow ... That's a nice diaper."

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